AMPscript is Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s powerful scripting language for advanced personalization in emails, cloud pages, push notifications, and SMS. Mastering AMPscript means you will know how to personalize SFMC messages beyond just prefilling a first name.

In this workshop, we will cover retrieving data from data extensions, dynamic content, ways to list purchased products (loops), and how to retrieve information from Sales- or Service Cloud without using the SFMC connect, and several other relevant topics.

The knowledge acquired during this workshop will help you in your first steps of becoming a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer.

Attendee profile

This course is for people that are new to AMPscript. If you are a marketer, campaign engineer, or developer and are looking to get the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this course is for you.

Some scripting experience in other languages is beneficial but not required. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build personalization into emails and other SFMC messages.

Training overview

  • 1-day training course
  • Attendees need to bring a laptop for practice exercises
  • Language: English (Dutch if attendees are all Dutch speakers)

Training topics / schedule

Skills acquired during this workshop

During this workshop, you will learn how to use these skills and concepts:

  • Relational databases; we’ll help you understand the basic concepts of the way data flows in SFMC.
  • Different ways of retrieving information about the subscriber and how to show this within your message using variables.
  • Saving data in Data extensions using AMPscript.

  • Personalize your messages in mobile, e-mail, and cloud pages with dynamic content using IF/ELSE statements in AMPscript.
  • How to modify existing data. You will learn how to change, append, and format the data we have for our e-mails. For example formatting dates.
  • List information on a cloud page or in an e-mail with For loops. For example, for an abandoned cart campaign. If you master this you can build anything.

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Frequently asked questions

Do attendees need to have Salesforce marketing cloud experience?

No they don’t but some experience can be beneficial especially for those who intend to get certified.

How many people can attend the training?

We aim for a maximum of 12 people per training as this ensures attendees can ask their questions freely.

Can we host trainings in multiple countries?

We focus on countries within the European Union but can also organize in other countries.