For companies looking to implement Salesforce it is a challenge to get all the stakeholders impacted by the implementation on the same page as the direct project team. This can lead to confusion, misunderstanding which can result in project delays or frustration. In the platform overview training we give an overview of the usecases for the different Salesforce components purchased (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc). Based on your input we provide examples, explain features and how they benefit the business and address questions business and IT stakeholders may have.

Attending this training will give attendees a basic understanding of what Salesforce is and how it will impact their operation. Attendees will share the same understanding and have a common vocabulary with the project team which helps project communication. This training differs from any other training in the market because it does not focus on functionality but on helping your organization understand and succeed. Because the trainer is not affiliated with Salesforce or your consulting partner you will also minimize bias in the answers to your questions.

Attendee profile

Depending on your organization we will discuss what the best profiles are to attend. Usually the audience consists of:

  • Business managers (C- and higher level Sales-, Service-, and Marketing managers)
  • IT management and architects
  • Senior professionals directly working with project team or directly impacted with implementation

Training overview

  • 2x 1/2 – day training
  • Topics as discussed during intake
  • Introduction done by project team
  • Language: English (Dutch if attendees are all Dutch speakers)
  • Typically 12-50 attendees

Training topics

Depending on an initial intake we will create the training topics. Typically the topics include:

  • Overview of the most common components of the Salesforce platform.
  • Service Cloud deepdive including sample cases
  • Sales Cloud deepdive including sample cases
  • Marketing cloud platform overview
  • Commerce Cloud platform overview
  • Cross platform usecases
  • Platform governance
  • Data visibility, sharing and platform security
  • Licenses
  • Team composition
  • Development / application lifecycle management

Request a quote for the in-company Salesforce platform overview training

Please share the number of people, date, and location(s) you want us to train your colleagues and we will schedule an intake. Based on your input we will share a more detailed training set-up and pricing quote. Please send your inquiry to

Frequently asked questions

Do attendees need to have Salesforce experience?

No they don’t but some experience can be beneficial especially for those who intend to get certified.

How many people can attend the training?

We aim for a maximum of 12 people per training as this ensures attendees can ask their questions freely.

Can we host trainings in multiple countries?

We focus on countries within the European Union but can also organize in other countries.