An email specialist in Salesforce Marketing Cloud is responsible for creating the perfect personalized email campaigns and journeys for their target audience. But getting the most out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be quite a challenge. This in-person email specialist training ensures your team of campaign managers and campaign developers get the most value out of the platform.

This training is targeted both at people getting their Salesforce Marketing Cloud email specialist certification and those looking for practical knowledge on how to use the platform to send emails and create personalized journeys in Journey Builder. As Journey Builder is not included in the certification exam, this training covers more topics and offers a more practical approach. All trainers have 5+ years of hands-on experience; you learn from the best!

The focus is on practical application and getting a good understanding of Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaign creation. If your team is tasked with creating personalized campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for your organization this is the perfect training. We will tailor the training to your needs and business case for maximum impact. Please also consider taking Salesforce platform overview training for business and IT management.

Attendee profile

This training designed for individuals who want to learn about email marketing best practices, message design, subscription and data management, email delivery, automation, and tracking metrics within – Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Campaign managers responsible for creating emails and preparing email sends
  • Campaign developers setting up data and personalization for campaigns
  • Managers and IT staff looking to understand the platform and best practices

All groups will benefit from the knowledge and understanding of the Salesforce marketing cloud platform. It will ensure campaign creation based on best practices, more efficient implementation, prevent costly mistakes, and establish a common vocabulary that ensures your campaign teams function effectively.

Training overview

  • 3-day training course
  • Preparation: Self-study – Trailhead + additional resources
  • Attendees need to bring a laptop for practice exercises
  • Language: English (Dutch if attendees are all Dutch speakers)
  • Some additional self-study in Trailhead and hands-on experience is advised before doing certifications.

Training topics / schedule

Day 1

This day is focused on getting a basic understanding of SFMC, and the data model.

We will cover these specific exam topics:

  • Marketing cloud overview including email studio, content builder, automation studio and Journey Builder
  • Data extensions and working with contact builder

We end the day with a case or assignment, and we will practice some certification exam questions.

Day 2

This day is focused on different ways of sending email with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • Creating and sending email with Content Builder and email studio
  • Building more complex journeys with Journey Builder and automation studio
  • Creating reports and tracking results

We end the day with a case or assignment, and we will practice some certification exam questions.

Day 3

This day is focused on advances personalization cases and exam practice.

  • Email template creation
  • Using AMPscript for personalization
  • Practice with some common journeys
  • Exam practice

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Frequently asked questions

Does this Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist training prepare for the Salesforce Administrator certification?

Yes, this 3-day training prepares for the Salesforce Email specialist certification but some additional self study is needed.

Do attendees need to have Salesforce marketing cloud experience?

No they don’t but some experience can be beneficial especially for those who intend to get certified.

How many people can attend the training?

We aim for a maximum of 12 people per training as this ensures attendees can ask their questions freely.

Can we host trainings in multiple countries?

We focus on countries within the European Union but can also organize in other countries.